Yang Wang

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Manitoba

Office: E2-404 EITC, Tel: 204-474-9740, Fax: 204-474-7609
Email: y{id}@cs.umanitoba.ca (replace {id} with my lastname)

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I graduated with a Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University, where I was advised by Prof. Greg Mori. I received my M.Sc. from University of Alberta, and my B.Sc. from Harbin Institute of Technology. Before joining CS@UofM in July 2012, I worked as an NSERC postdoc fellow at UIUC with Prof. David Forsyth. My research interests lie in computer vision and machine learning. More specifically, my research interests include:

  • Object recognition, human activity recognition
  • Image/video understanding
  • Big visual data analytics
  • Multimodal media (vision, language, etc) analysis
  • Machine learning (e.g. graphical models, deep learning, transfer learning) for vision
Please refer to our recent publications for details.

Prospective students: if you are interested in joining my group, please have a look at this page. For the Fall 2017 admission, I am especially interested in PhD applicants with interests/background in deep learning and computer vision. Previous experience with deep learning models (e.g. CNN, RNN) and common software frameworks (e.g. Caffe, Torch, Tensorflow, Theano) is desirable, although not strictly required.