Dore, Don Quixote In His LibraryRecent (and not so recent) reads

As my kindergarden teacher used to tell me, Books are Friends. Here's a random collection of books I've enjoyed reading enough to mention to others.  No, I'm not listing any that I'd be embarassed to mention (though you could argue that I should be embarassed by some of these, they're below my cutline for embarassment),so all really trashy items are left to the imagination. That having been said, I tend to be biased toward elaborate plotlines and a general leaning toward escapism. Also, I'm not at all associating critical acclaim to any of these, just my enjoyment. So don't email me saying that my placement of so-and-so next to whomever caused you to become violently ill, or that I'm biased by geography, gender, or social-group-of-your-choice.  One of the beauties of reading is that you'll never be able to cover it all.

Authors I look for

People who's books I tend to pick up almost automatically if I haven't read them already, or (assuming they're living) even pre-order.


Things I tend to re-read