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Before You Begin

This site has been through a few incarnations since (almost literally) the birth of the web. Other than a regrettable black and white phase, things haven't looked all that much different. There are a few differences in this site's current form, however. I've moved toward modern web standards, and so everything is now CSS-based. I try to use more text than graphics, so the content is still largely browesable even with very old web browers (or non-graphical browsers such as Lynx).

Reading everything here is a little like going on an archaeological dig. While the formatting is new, and I continue to add content, some of the content dates back to when the web was first being put together - this was one of the first websites on campus, and I put a lot together in those days as examples for teaching HTML. Because things were put together over a long time frame, it's also a little like a psychological dig, in that it's reflective of me over a long period of time too.

This is also a personal website of sorts - I'm not self-centered enough to write a blog, but I do write about occasional happenings or issues that raise my concern. In that light, anything you might see here is my own work/opinion/drivel, or the credited work of others that happens to interest me, and no support for such is implied by my employer or alma mater (who happen to be one in the same).

That being said, we now return you to your regular station.