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Simply Soda Beverage Company's corporate mission is to provide you with the best soda at absolutely rock bottom prices. We had doubts about our first product, Simply Soda Cola, but after the lawsuits were settled we realized we had a stronger product than we thought.

Attempting to stay on the cutting edge of beverage service evolution, we then brought out Diet Simply Soda Cola, with all that great taste and only 98% of the calories.

We are now, thanks to a lucrative contract with the Shad Valley Program, poised to corner the discount beverage market with a complete line of new flavours:

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Thanks for the visit. We at simply soda want you to know that the customer is foremost in our minds, right after our own bottom line. We are always open to suggestions for ways to make our products even more inexpensive, and more importantly, more widely-marketed flavours we can "borrow". If you have comments or suggestions for new flavours, please send them to If you wish to sue us for infringement on your product, please add your name to the list by sending mail to

Until we meet again, on the Net or in court, keep buying and enjoying our products, knowing that when you drink simply soda, you're getting the cheapest imitations money can buy.

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