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Data and Source Code

Visual Saliency

Eye Tracking Data and Code for the AIM model

Source Code

The code written in MATLAB is located here: Included are a variety of learned ICA bases. Note that the code given expects a relatively low resolution image as the receptive fields are small, for a high resolution larger image, you may wish to try some larger receptive fields. Also, if you have any questions about the code, feel free to ask. To use within matlab, you should be able to simply do something along the lines of: info = AIM('21.jpg',0.5); with the parameter being a rescaling factor. It is also possible to vary a variety of parameters on both the command line and within the code itself, so feel free to experiment. There are also some comments and notes specific to psychophysics examples within one of the included files. Note that all of these bases should result in better performance than that based on the *very* small 7x7 filters used in the original NIPS paper.

Fixation Data

The eye tracking data may be found at This includes binary maps for each of the images which indicate which pixel locations were fixated in addition to the raw data. Correspondence is best addressed to See the list of my work above for papers related to the source code.

This code and data is free to use subject to the disclaimers contained within for academic and non-profit research purposes. For those wishing to use the code or data in any commercial endeavors, I request that you contact me for permission.