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Me on campus circa 2012

I am a former student of the Univesity of Manitoba, having finishing my Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) degree there in 2008, and completing my Master of Science degree in 2015. My areas of interest lie primarily in the broad field of humanoid robotics, with particular emphasis on real-time autonomous control and vision processing.

Over the years I have worked for several companies in Canada doing everything from Geographical Information Systems (GIS) programming to web application development, from IT security analysis to artificial intelligence research and computer vision processing.

Arguably my two biggest achievements in research are the development of the world's first skating and ice hockey-playing humanoid robot, Jennifer, in the winter of 2012 and Jennifer's subsequent foray into alpine and cross-country skiing. Both of these projects won first place at the ICRA Humanoid Application Challenge in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

Between 2011 and 2015 I was a major contributor to the University of Manitoba Snobots, the Autonomous Agents Lab's humanoid robotics sports team. During that time I competed in four FIRA HuroCup competitions, two RoboCup competitions, three ICRA Humanoid Application Challenges, and one International Robot Challenge. The list of awards our team won is listed below. Teammates who attended the competition with me are located in parentheses.

FIRA HuroCup


ICRA Challenges

International Robot Contest

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