CvJWM - Chris' Version of Joe's Window Manager

Git Project:

Joe's Window Manager describes itself as "A light-weight window manager for the X11 Window System. JWM is written in C and uses only Xlib at a minimum." As such it is ideally suited to old/low-powered Linux/Unix systems where one simply cannot afford sacrificing resources for a shiny GUI (like KDE or Gnome), but one still needs a GUI.

Chris' Version of Joe's Window Manager is fundamentally the same window manager, but with a few small tweaks. Most noticeably is the addition of a shade/collapse button to the standard maximize/minimize/close trifecta in the upper corner. Support was also added for PPM and PGM icons, and the XML configuration parsing was made marginally more robust (though less standards-compliant, as it removes case-sensitivity from the tags).

Overall CvJWM was never inteded to be more than a simple hobby project -- one I have not worked on in years, I'm afraid. However, maybe someone will find it useful or interesting.

CvJWM Desktop

Running CvJWM on Ubuntu in 2008


The source code for CvJWM is currently hosted on GitLab, but you can also download source tarballs and pre-compiled packages below: