SourceForge Project:

FANNshell is a simple (and I mean very simple) command-line tool designed for creating, training, and running artificial neural networks.


As an undergraduate at UofM, I did one of my co-op workterms with Invenia Technical Computing. My job consisted mainly of doing machine learning research, specifically with Artificial Neural Networks.

During this time I discovered the open-source FANN library. This library is great for neural networks, provided you don't need GPU accelleration. I used in my thesis research for developing a system to allow a robot to balance on a bongo board.

To teach myself FANN, I created a simple command-line tool to run and train neural networks. I wrote this as an undergrad, and freely admit that it is terrible code. It was my first (and to-date only) SourceForge project. I highly doubt anyone will ever find it useful, but I learned a lot writing it.