RoboCup Competition

The Snobots

The Snobots: Jeff, Jennifer, Jimmy and Jose

RoboCup is one of (if not the) largest humanoid robotics competition in the world. Teams from across the globe come with teams of robots to compete in head-to-head matches of autonomous robot soccer.

RoboCup has multiple leagues, requiring different robot specifications. The Snobots competed in the humanoid kid-sized league, where teams of 4 small robots compete against each other.

The Snobots

Me, Dr Jacky Baltes, and Geoff Nagy with the robots

The dying moments of overtime in an elimination match at FIRA 2013

The score is tied 1-1, with about 60s of overtime left

Snobots are in blue, Hartfordshire BoldHearts in pink

Qualification Videos 2013-2015

Qualification video for RoboCup 2013

Qualification video for RoboCup 2014

Qualification video for RoboCup 2015

More coming eventually