Graphs and Algorithms, 2018

Last update = Apr 17/2018

Instructor: Prof. W. Kocay
Office: E2-478 and 242 St. Pauls College
E-mail: bkocay at
Telephone: 474-6792
Office Hours: MW 10.30-11.30, F: 10.30-11.15, TuTh 11.20-12.00
Lectures: E2-310, TuTh, 10am - 11.15am
Textbook: Graphs, Algorithms, and Optimization, by W.L. Kocay and D.L. Kreher

Course Plan:

During the first two-three weeks, we will do a quick overview of the main topics. In this way, everyone will be able to choose a project topic by the end of January. Then we will return to the beginning, and go more slowly, filling in more details.

Change in Office Hours (again!): this week office hours will be Wednesday Apr 18, 12pm to 3pm, and Thursday, Apr 19, 12pm to 2pm.