COMP 7770, MATH 8130 Error Correcting Codes

Fall 2014

Location and Time

11:30-12:20 MWF Machray 115


Name: John van Rees
Office Number: E2 480 EITC
Phone Number: 474-8683
Office hours: TT 1:30- 2:30
or when I'm free


Recommended Textbooks:

The best book is out-of-print but second hand or old copies are around. An Introduction to Error Correcting Codes with Applications by Vanstone and van Oorschot
These books are also useful: Fundamentals of Error_Correcting Codes by Huffman and Pless
Introduction to the Theory of Error-Correcting Codes by Pless
Introduction to Coding Theory by Bierbrauer
The Theory of Error-Correcting Codes by MacWilliams and Sloane


  1. Fundamentals
  2. Basic Coding Theory
  3. Cyclic Codes
  4. BCH codes
  5. Finite Fields
  6. Weight Distribution
  7. Codes and Designs
  8. Codes and Games
  9. Convolutional Codes
  10. Seminars

Grading for Graduate Students:

assignments 35% no lates
Presentation 35% Must be new work
Class Participation 5% Student tracks it
Exam 25% Closed book
TOTAL* 100%

Exam Viewing

Final exams may be viewed by filling in the form at:

Academic Dishonesty:

Academic dishonesty is a very serious offence and will be dealt with in accordance with the University Discipline Bylaw. Examples of academic dishonesty include:
  • submitting assignments which are not entirely your own work that you did this term
  • use of unauthorized material on a test or examination,
  • writing an examination for another person or arranging for another person to write an examination for you,
  • use of calculators or phones on a test or examination where they are prohibited.
  • using verbatim material from an outside source for yuor presentation.

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