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David S. Creighton (1913-1998)
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Canadian Volunteer Service Medal

Bars: Silver maple leaf.


The Canadian Volunteer Service Medal is granted to persons of any rank in the Naval, Military or Air Forces of Canada who voluntarily served on Active Service and have honourably completed eighteen months ( 540 days) total voluntary service from September 3, 1939 to March 1, 1947.

"Please note that the above is only a summary outline of the conditions that apply to this medal. Additional information and a list of qualifing areas of service are available from the Honours and Awards Section, Veterans Affairs Canada, 66 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P4"

On June 6, 2003, eligibility to the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal was extended to members and reserve constables of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who voluntarily served during the Second World War.


A silver bar (often called a clasp), a maple leaf at its centre was awarded for 60 days service outside Canada. A silver maple leaf is worn on the ribbon in undress.


A circular, silver medal (.925 fine silver), 1.42 inches in diameter.


Seven marching figures are depicted, representing men and women of the army, air force, navy and nursing service; and around the rim, the inscription 1939 CANADA 1945 VOLUNTARY SERVICE VOLONTAIRE.


The reverse shows the coat of arms of Canada.


The medal is linked to a straight suspender by a small ring passing through a small fixed ring at the top of the medal.


The ribbon is 1.25 inches wide with a royal blue centre (0.5") flanked by two equal stripes of scarlet and dark green, the dark green being on the edges. The ribbon was issued during the war; the medal after the war.


The medal was established on 22 October 1943.


There were 1,183,000 eligible, with 650,000 medals and 525,500 bars awarded.

Canadian Volunteer Service Medal
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