Wiener Dog Art

A Far Side Collection
by Gary Larson
© 1990 Universal Press Syndicate
ISBN 0-8362-1865-5

I'm afraid I can no longer offer this excerpt of the book due to the request below.

Andrews McMeel Publishing, a division of Andrews McMeel Universal, is the publisher of Gary Larson's _WIENER DOG ART: A FAR SIDE COLLECTION_ (the "Work") and, as such, is charged with protecting Mr. Larson's copyrights in the Work.

It has come to our attention that you have posted copyrighted text and images from the Work at . WE MUST ASK THAT YOU REMOVE THEM IMMEDIATELY. It is Mr. Larson's exclusive right - under the laws of the United States and under international agreements with other nations including Canada - to distribute his copyrighted cartoons, and to display them publicly.

E. DaCosta
Legal Administrator
Andrews McMeel Universal

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