Current and Past Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

I have funding available to provide financial support for one or two highly motivated and qualified graduate students interested in pursuing a MSc or PhD degree under my supervision on a thesis topic related to my research. Students interested in working with me should follow these instructions.

Current Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Yeganeh Bahoo PhD student 2014-present www co-supervisor Prosenjit Bose
Anthony d'Angelo PhD student 2016-present co-supervisor Prosenjit Bose
Md. Yeakub Hassan MSc student 2018-present
Hamid Hoorfar visiting PhD student 2018-present
Nima Sheibani MSc student 2017-present
Timothy Zapp ugrad research assistant 2018
Ishan Chopra ugrad research assistant 2018

Past Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows
Dr. Robert Fraser postdoctoral fellow 2013-2014 www
Dr. Matthew Skala postdoctoral fellow 2011-2014 www
Debajyoti Mondal PhD student 2012-2016 www
thesis: Visualizing graphs: optimization and trade-offs
Saeed Mehrabi PhD 2012-2015 www
thesis: Geometric optimization problems on orthogonal polygons: hardness results and approximation algorithms
Kelly Ramsay MSc 2016-2018 co-supervisor Alexandre Leblanc
thesis: Computable, robust multivariate location using integrated univariate ranks
Sahar Mehrpour MSc 2014-2016
thesis: Minimizing the maximum interference in k-connected wireless networks
Anthony d'Angelo MSc 2014-2016 co-supervisor Prosenjit Bose
thesis: Low memory local geometric routing in monotone planar subdivisions
Mohammad Abdul Wahid MSc 2011-2013
thesis: Local geometric routing algorithms for edge-augmented planar graphs
Saeed Mehrabi MSc 2010-2012 www
thesis: Online problems in facility location
Debajyoti Mondal MSc 2010-2012 www
thesis: Embedding a planar graph on a given point set
Garrett Suss BSc honours thesis 2017
Robby Singh ugrad research assistant 2016
Joshua Hernandez ugrad research assistant 2014
Derek Cormier ugrad research assistant 2012 co-supervisor Jim Young
Kyle Joseph ugrad research assistant 2012
Lyndon Miller ugrad research assistant 2012
Tristan Ratchford ugrad research assistant 2007 co-supervisor Martin Robillard