COMP 2140 - fall 2011
Lab assignments will be graded during the lab. Each student must be present to obtain a grade on his/her lab assignment. Students may prepare for the lab assignment ahead of time if they choose to. The length of each lab assignment is intended to permit generous time for completion within the allocated 75 minute lab time.

Lab Assignments

handed out due date additional files
Lab 1 lab1.pdf September 23 September 28/29/30
Lab 2 lab2.pdf October 11 October 12/13/14
Lab 3 lab3.pdf October 22 October 26/27/28
Lab 4 lab4.pdf November 14 November 16/17/18
Lab 5 lab5.pdf November 28 November 30/December 1/2
Lab assignments will be posted here during the term.