COMP 7922 - Fall 2018

Assigned Reading

In addition to the textbook, papers assigned as reading for the course will be posted here.
topic paper overview
Voronoi Diagrams Aichholzer, Aurenhammer, Voronoi Diagrams - Computational Geometry's Favorite, Foundations of Information Processing of TELEMATIK, 1:4-6, 2002. a brief overview of different types of Voronoi diagrams, their applications, and algorithms for constructing them
Delaunay Triangulations Bose, Devroye, Löffler, Snoeyink, Verma, The spanning ratio of the Delaunay triangulation is greater than π/2, CCCG 2009 assigned reading on a recent result regarding the spanning ratio of the Delaunay triangulation
Edge Flips Bose and Hurtado. Flips in planar graphs, CGTA 42:60-80.2009 assigned reading on a edge flips