Here is what I'm taking. This is my bike fully loaded. My camp gear, clothes, kitchen gear, bike repairs tools, books, etc., all fit into the two rear paniers. My tent is on the rack between the paniers. Overtop is a daypack bungeed to the rack that contains food, sandals, a lock, and an extra water bottle. In Calgary I weighed the loaded paniers, pack, tent, food (2 days), and 650 ml fuel: 15 kg (35 lbs). Note, this does not include the weight of the bicycle nor does it include water. Additional descriptions of my gear seem to have made their way to the roadside reports page.

Gear Awards

Matt and Zosia did this on their bike trip from Paris to Istanbul. I thought it was a fun idea so I'm borrowing it. So far, I've been very happy to have taken the following items along with me:

Mechanical Problems

  • broken spokes: 1 (Carbon, AB)
  • flat tires: 2 (Dryden, ON and Upsala, ON)
  • new tires: 1 (rear tire in Thunder Bay, ON)
  • broken chain: 0
  • misplaced items: sunglasses (somewhere between Golden, BC and Calgary, AB and again in Thunder Bay, ON)
  • injuries: bee string (Carbon, AB)

Thank You - Merci

Several people have helped me along the way. Thank you very much to all of you.
  • Andrea, thank you for updating the webpage and for cheering me up when we talk on the phone.
  • Chris, thanks for lending me your waterproof booties.
  • Maman, merci de m'avoir acheté un nouveau siège de bicyclette.
  • Mike, Christy, Geoff, Karyn, Tamsin, and Andrea, thank you for coming to Kits Beach to see me off.
  • James and Verena, thank you for having me stay with you in Revelstoke.
  • Reid and Laura, thank you for letting me stay with you (yet again) in Calgary.
  • James, thanks for dropping by to say hello in Calgary.
  • Ian, it was great cycling with you for two days between Youngstown and Rosetown. I hope to meet you on the road again. Good luck on the remainder of your cycling adventure.
  • Rick and Gail, thank you for welcoming me home in the middle of a busy time. It's always nice to come home to Saskatoon!
  • Dave, thanks for having me stay with you in Winnipeg. It's great to finally meet you! Next time I'll have to come a few days earlier to catch the folk festival.
  • Maman, merci bien d'être venue passer quelques jours avec moi. C'était bien plaisant de pouvoir se rencontrer le long de la route et de camper ensemble pendant quelques soirs!
  • Dave, it's been fun cycling with you and sharing campsites along the Lake Superior and across Ontario to Ottawa!
  • Thanks to Dan and Reid for preparing maps of waypoints and routes.
  • Merci à François, Carole, Charles, et Marie-Anne de m'avoir invité chez vous durant mon arrêt à Montréal. Merci aussi à Louise, Claire, Stéphanie, Julie, Philippe, Grand-Maman, et Grand-Papa d'être passés dire bonjour!
  • Papa, merci beaucoup pour les prévisions de météo quotidiennes; elles sont très appréciées!
  • Maman et Papa, merci d'être venu me rencontrer à Lavaltrie pour diner. Aussi, merci beaucoup de m'avoir réservé un lit sur le traversier. Sans le bon repos que ça m'a permit, cela aurait été difficile pour moi de compléter ma dernière journée jusqu'à St. John's.
  • Erin, Jeff, and the Austen family, thank you for welcoming me into your home in Antigonish. I was thankful not to have to camp out in the rain!
  • Greg, thanks for the awesome steak dinner and for having me stay with you in St. John's. I'm glad we finally got a chance to catch up! I'll have to come out for a longer visit again soon!
  • Merci à François, Carole, Charles, et Marie-Anne d'être venu me chercher à l'aéroport!
  • Thanks to all of you who sent me text messages and email along the way!