Algonquin - July 2003
left image: This was Andrea's favourite campsite (and mine too). For our third night, we stayed on this cozy island, with nice pine trees overtop and great views of North Tea lake in every direction.
right image: We took this photo just after pulling into this same site. The sun was shining and we had the entire afternoon to swim, read, eat snacks, and play cards.
Andrea and I visited the northwest corner of Algonquin from July 15 - 18, 2003. We entered on K-mog and enjoyed our downstream paddle along the Amable du Fond river into North Tea. Andrea was quite strong with her newfound paddling skills and we hurried eastward to the big island for our first night. We avoided rain by an hour and were granted a break in weather just long enough to cook, eat and bearproof. Day 2 started off grey and wet. We paddled across North Tea and to the east end of Manitou, happy to find the beach site unoccupied. Here we explored the abandoned cabin and the scenic rocky peninsula. We found refuge from the bugs near the water and sat by the campfire as the skies cleared. On day 3, we paddled westward against the wind across Manitou and back to North Tea. Here we found a small cozy island on which we could enjoy the hot afternoon sun and our last evening in the park. On day 4 we paddled out and again the wind was against us. We enjoyed our last few hours on the water and returned our rental canoe at 12:30.
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