Mount Adams - July 2002
left image: Early in the morning, we leave the car at 1500m. We didn't need to carry our skis for long.
right image: This was right about the point where we put on our skis. We needed to take them off to cross several large patches of scree. On the way back down, we took a better route that was snow the entire way.
All photos were taken by Daniel Durocher.

On July 1-2, 2002, my brother Daniel and I climbed the South Spur of Mount Adams in Washington. This was Dan's first climb and Adams provided him with a gentle introduction to the alpine. Even this late, enough good snow remained to allow us to ski from 1850m up to our camp at 3100m on July 1. On the next morning, we cramponed to the summit (3742m). Upon returning to the tent, the snow had softened up enough to allow a relaxing uninterrupted ski descent back down to the snowline. Conditions were great and the mountain was uncrowded.

left image: an icy sunrise on the morning of July 2
right image: Dan on the summit!
left image: the south face of Mount Rainer as seen from the summit of Adams
right image: After a very pleasant summit, we're back at the tent in mid-morning to pack up camp.
left image: As you can see, the sun didn't let up and we enjoyed clear skies all the way down.
For more information see:

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Mount Adams climbing website. US Forest Services.

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