Tricouni - September 2006
Trip Summary
On September 16, Geoff Lefebvre, Dan Durocher, and I scooted up the southeast ridge of Tricouni. The forecast called for cold rain which resulted in us choosing this peak over Castle Towers. Indeed it rained (and snowed) until the mid afternoon when we enjoyed warm sunshine and dry rock as we neared the trail and the car. Tricouni makes for a short enjoyable daytrip that doesn't require an early start or a late finish. Here are Dan's photos.

Geoff can barely contain his excitement at reaching the summit.

the southeast ridge of Tricouni under a light dusting of fresh snow, as seen from the summit
We left Vancouver at 6:30 am and were hiking at 8:00 am. The summit remained under clouds until we noticed we had crossed one gully too many and we were actually on our way up the third of the triple summits. As the centre summit is significantly taller, we realized our mistake as the clouds broke and we counted two summits to our left and a big void to our right. The peak is small so only it took an additional 40 minutes to descend from our position on the third peak, cross the talus, and ascend the southeast ridge to the true summit. Fresh snow made travel over talus somewhat slower.

The rain clouds dissipate as we descend, metling most of the snow.

Dan, the upper lake, and Tricouni

Same again - I couldn't decide which photo I prefer.
Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia. Matt Gunn. Cairn Publishing. 2005.
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