Uto and Sir Donald, Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park - July 31 to August 2, 2002

The moraine forms a pleasant
approach trail to the bivy
site below Sir Donald.

On Uto, a blizzard picked up, reducing
visibility to a few metres. We turned
back just after Matt took this photo.

tentbound for the afternoon

Matt belays on Uto shortly
before we turn back.
Note the hail flying by.

bivy site below Sir Donald [2400m]

On the morning of August 1,
Steph flakes out the rope
at the Uto-Sir Donald col [2535m].

Eagle, Uto, and Sir Donald as seen from
the Trans-Canada on July 20

Matt digs through some icy
snow high up on Sir Donald.

Sir Donald as seen from the bivy site

Obviously affected by the altitude,
Steph laughs at Matt's joke on
the summit of Sir Donald.

Steph climbs a snowy pitch just below
the summit ridge of Sir Donald.

Late morning August 2, Steph
is in the ambulance about to be
taken to Revelstoke Hospital as the
helicopter flies back to Golden.

Matt nears the summit of Sir Donald.
Again, note the conditions.

Andrea and Steph on August 7,
upon being released from the hospital in Kamloops

Just after 13:00, we begin our
fateful descent down Sir Donald.
The photos were taken by Matt Brown.
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