Temple, Moraine Lake, Banff National Park - July 25, 2002
Matt's Diary: Day 6
Temple is almost anticlimactic - but not quite. The day begins with a brisk stroll up the well-manicured trail lining Moraine Lake (1900m, 5am [1]). The lake is bright green and a bright moon illuminates huge boulders forming the terminal moraine after which the lake is named.

All very pleasant, we reach a nice clearing and lake, and on good trails we soon reach Sentinel Pass (2600m, 7am [3]). After 400m up pleasant rock climbing and managable scree, we reach a squad of Banff ski bums in baggy jeans and day packs. Eyeing our axes curiously, they claim to have reached the summit in 4 hours for the sunrise, having left 8 hours ago. Hmmm... 1 hour's more easy climbing and we are on the summit (3543m, 9am [4]). Ice axes remain strapped to backs. After an hour's deliberation on the summit we rock ski down the slopes to the lake. Matt almost dies in rockfall incident. A swift jump out of the rocky gully saves an unhonourable death.

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