Victoria, Lake Louise, Banff National Park - July 27, 2002

moonset over the southeast ridge as seen
from the Plain of the Six Glaciers

Matt guards the Abbot Pass Hut.
The southeast ridge rises behind.

Lake O'Hara as seen from the southeast ridge

On the Sickle, Steph looks
perplexed. Shortly afterwards,
finding the rock too steep,
we choose to descend the ice.

Lake Louise as seen from the summit

Mount Temple where we sat two days ealier,
as seen from the summit of Victoria

summit photo: cheese sandwiches

looking back at the southeast ridge
from the summit, before following
it back to Abbot Pass

Matt anchors in to belay Steph
over the bergschrund.

After descending through the Death Trap,
we're happy to be off the glacier.

requisite Lake Louise photo
The photos were taken by Matt Brown.
See Matt's page for more photos including a 360° panorama from the summit of Mt. Victoria.
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