Tetrahedron Park - January 2004
The Mount Steele Hut is located just below the summit of Mount Steele. Dora, Vern, James, Matt, and Chris on Steele with a faint Tetrahedron in the distance
Eleven of us spent a night at the Mount Steele Hut in Tetrahedron Park on the weekend of January 31 - February 1. The early group (James, Vern, Roberta, Dora, Matt, Colin M, and Hugh) took the Langdale ferry Friday evening and slept at the trailhead. The later group (Colin C, Andy, Chris, and I) took the first ferry Saturday morning and met up with everyone at the Edwards Lake hut just after noon. We then proceeded to the Mount Steele Hut and ended off a short day of skiing with a tasty curry and a few sips of whiskey sitting around the woodstove. On Sunday the skies were a bit clearer but the snow conditions remained poor, so the group skied up Mount Steele for a short run down to the hut before an early ski out to the cars.
looking south from Steele Tetrahedron Peak seen from Mount Steele
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