Some of the code and applets I've created:

Depth measures applet

Hausdorff core applets

Geometric dual applet / Polar dual applet

Convex Hulls - MATLAB source code and data for the adaptive convex hull study that was submitted to ALENEX 2010.

Splines applets - Some applets from assignments in a splines course.

B-Splines applet - Same as above, but for b-splines. Also, a fancier non-uniform version

PDB parsing code - C++ and perl code for parsing PDB files. The code is tailored for gathering relevant data for alpha helices, but it shouldn't be too hard to tailor it to your needs.

Hippy - A visualization package for viewing pairs of alpha helices in proteins and the corresponding contact maps. If you're the kind of person who knows what that means, you should be excited!

Missile Defence - A game I made as a graphics project, it's a tribute to one of the greatest games made for the 2600. And it's wicked good times.

B4 SCORM browser [via Sourceforge] - This package will only be of interest to you if you develop SCORM, an extended and heavily constricted extension of XML designed for educational content. I feel for you if this is what you do :-). This was a group project from a software engineering course at UBC.