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Welcome to the GADA lab at the University of Manitoba! We study algorithms and the complexity of problems from a wide variety of research domains, such as computational geometry, approximation algorithms, online algorithms, and distributed algorithms. The common theme to all of our activities is the rich interplay between interesting problems from Computer Science and the techniques and rigour of Mathematics. Our weekly meetings alternate between problem-solving sessions and research talks, and anyone can join us! Explore this page to find out more.

Recent News

  • MohammadMasoud Shabanijou

    Congratulations to MohammadMasoud Shabanijou on successfully defending his M.Sc. thesis!

  • Dehou Zhang

    Congratulations to Dehou Zhang on successfully defending his M.Sc. thesis!

  • Welcome to the Lab

    Welcome to Pouria ZamaniNezhad who is joining the GADA Lab as a new M.Sc. student in September 2021

  • Arezoo Sajadpour, M.Sc.

    Congratulations to Arezoo Sajadpour on successfully defending her M.Sc. thesis!

  • Pooya Nikbakht, M.Sc.

    Congratulations to Pooya Nikbakht on successfully defending his M.Sc. thesis!


Stephane Durocher

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Avery Miller

Associate Professor
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Shahin Kamali

Assistant Professor
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Fengyi Liu
Ikaro Penha Costa
Jamilush Talukder
Pouria ZamaniNezhad
Sachini Rajapakse
Saulo dos Santos
Spencer Szabados
Timothy Zapp
Yeakub Hassan

Arezoo Sajadpour
Benjamin Schneider
Bikramjit Dhaliwal
Colin Krisko
Dalin Chen
Debajyoti Mondal
Dehou Zhang
Derek Cormier
Francisco de la Rosa
Garrett Suss
Ishan Chopra
Ivan Chernavtcev
Janani Sundaresan
Joe Vermander
Joshua Hernandez
Kelly Ramsay
Kenny Zhang
Kimia Shadkami
Kyle Joseph
Lyndon Miller
Matthew Skala
Mohammad Abdul Wahid
Mohammadmasoud Shabanijou
Nima Sheibani
Pooya Nikbakht
Robby Singh
Robert Fraser
Saeed Mehrabi
Sahar Mehrpour
Sameer Naib
Sean Egan
Tristan Ratchford
Ullash Saha
Yeganeh Bahoo
Yongzhen Ren


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Recent Publications (2021/2022)

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Title Authors Venue Links
Beyond Worst-case Analysis of Multicore Caching StrategiesShahin Kamali
Helen Xu
APOCSPublication Link
Bottleneck Convex Subsets: Finding k Large Convex Sets in a Point SetStephane Durocher
J. Mark Keil
Saeed Mehrabi
Debajyoti Mondal
CoRRPublication Link
Bottleneck Convex Subsets: Finding k Large Convex Sets in a Point SetStephane Durocher
J. Mark Keil
Saeed Mehrabi
Debajyoti Mondal
COCOONPublication Link
Compact PolyominoesShahin Kamali
DCCPublication Link
Compact representation of graphs with bounded bandwidth or treedepthShahin Kamali
Inf. Comput.Publication Link
Competitive Sequencing with Noisy AdviceSpyros Angelopoulos
Diogo Arsénio
Shahin Kamali
CoRRPublication Link
Constant-Length Labeling Schemes for Deterministic Radio BroadcastFaith Ellen
Barun Gorain
Avery Miller
Andrzej Pelc
ACM Trans. Parallel Comput.Publication Link
Contract Scheduling With PredictionsSpyros Angelopoulos
Shahin Kamali
AAAIPublication Link
Four Shades of Deterministic Leader Election in Anonymous NetworksBarun Gorain
Avery Miller
Andrzej Pelc
SPAAPublication Link
Labeling Schemes for Deterministic Radio Multi-broadcastColin Krisko
Avery Miller
WGPublication Link
Labeling Schemes for Deterministic Radio Multi-BroadcastColin Krisko
Avery Miller
CoRRPublication Link
Multi-frame sequence generator of 4D human body motionStephane Durocher
Jean-Sébastien Franco
Mathieu Marsot
Stefanie Wuhrer
CoRRPublication Link
On the Fault-Tolerant Online Bin Packing ProblemShahin Kamali
Pooya Nikbakht
CoRRPublication Link
On the Fault-Tolerant Online Bin Packing ProblemShahin Kamali
Pooya Nikbakht
ALGOCLOUDPublication Link
Online Algorithm for Differentially Private Genome-wide Association StudiesMd Momin Al Aziz
Xiaoqian Jiang
Shahin Kamali
Noman Mohammed
ACM Trans. Comput. Heal.Publication Link
Online Bin Covering with AdviceJoan Boyar
Lene M. Favrholdt
Shahin Kamali
Kim S. Larsen
AlgorithmicaPublication Link
Online Bin Packing with PredictionsSpyros Angelopoulos
Shahin Kamali
Kimia Shadkami
CoRRPublication Link
Online Search With Best-Price and Query-Based PredictionsSpyros Angelopoulos
Shahin Kamali
Dehou Zhang
CoRRPublication Link
Randomized two-valued bounded delay online buffer managementChristoph Dürr
Shahin Kamali
Oper. Res. Lett.Publication Link
Robustness and asymptotics of the projection medianStephane Durocher
Alexandre Leblanc
Kelly Ramsay
J. Multivar. Anal.Publication Link

Join The Lab


If you are currently a student or faculty member at the University of Manitoba, send an e-mail to one of our lab's faculty members to find out how to join our mailing list and attend our lab meetings.

We have funding available to provide financial support for highly motivated and qualified graduate students interested in pursuing a M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree. We also welcome visitors that wish to participate in our lab's research projects. If you are interested in the above opportunities, send an e-mail to one of our lab's faculty members, and include the following:

  • Confirmation that you have read this web page
  • A brief description of topics or specific research problems in theoretical computer science that interest you (these could be, but need not be restricted to, topics related to our lab's current research)
  • An overview of any research experience you have (e.g., a research internship, a course project related to your research interests, your undergraduate thesis, or graduate courses taken)
  • Your curriculum vitae, including degrees obtained and their corresponding institutions, and a list of any academic awards, scholarships, or bursaries received
  • Your grade point average and, if available, an electronic (or scanned) copy of your transcripts
  • A list of senior courses you took in theoretical computer science and mathematics
  • A list of your publications (if any)
  • Contact information for at least two references (email and telephone)