EITC Tour, 10 June 2005

Plus a few other shots of the Fort Garry Campus

All in 3D! (Crossed pairs, straight from my Loreo 321 camera)

South-East Corner

Atrium from
5th Floor Walkway

Atrium from 6th Floor

Grad Lounge, 5th Floor

Small Machine Room

Academic Offices Corridor,
4th Floor

East Entrance

Atrium, Looking East

Atrium, Looking West

Basement Stairs to Atrium

Carson & Jeff,
North-East Corner

North-East Corner,
from Buller

Admin. Bldg,
Front Entrance

Admin. Bldg, NW

Buller Building

Buller Entrance, SE

Machray Hall,
from South

Machray Hall Lobby

Tom's Office

Buller Entrance,
Red/Cyan Anaglyph
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