1. NSERC Strategic Project: "Applications of sensor networks in healthcare and environmental monitoring", (J. Mišic PI with Co-I s X. S. Shen, D. Zhao and H. DeBruin), grant period 2008-2010. Year 1-C$177,500, Year 2 - C$204,000 Year 3 - C$171,500.
  2. AUTO21 Network of Centres of Excellence project: "Vehicular Telematics over WiFi and WiMax Multihop Networks" (Co-I responsible for security issues in vehicle to vehicle networks). (CO-I together with PI V. Leung, and Co-I-s W. Wong, G. Chow, O. Yang, E. Hossain, B. McLeod), amount awarded C$250,000 per year in period 2008-2009.
  3. Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) New Opportunities grant: "Wireless Sensor Network Laboratory", J.Mišic (PI) together with Co-I-s V.B.Misic, Y.Liu and K. Leung, , duration of award 2005-2009, total amount awarded C$232,541
  4. NSERC Individual Discovery Grant: "Building wireless sensor networks", J. Mišic (PI), . From 2004-2009, C$27,000 per year.
  5. URGP (University of Manitoba): "Performance of TCP connections over large Bluetooth scatternets", J. Mišic (PI), from 1-Jan-2004 to 31-Dec-2004, C$7,500
  6. Start-up grant 2003, C$35,000.