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  • reyes-galaviza, pedrycz, he, pizzi. a supervised gradient-based learning algorithm for optimized entity resolution. data & knowledge engineering vol. 112, 2017, 106–129.
  • pedrycz, pizzi. fuzzy sets as a logic canvas for pattern recognition. in: pattern recognition and big data (pal, pal (eds.)), hackensack:world scientific 2017;217–253.
  • pizzi. measuring the utility of functional-based software using centroid-adjusted class labelling. in: computational intelligence and quantitative software engineering — studies in computational intelligence, vol. 617 (pedrycz, succi, sillitti (eds.)), basel:springer 2016, 117–134.
  • champion, pizzi, krishnamoorthy. tactical clinical text mining for improved patient characterization. proceedings of the ieee annual conference on big data, june 27 – july 2, anchorage, usa, 2014, 683–690.
  • pizzi. discrimination of biomedical patterns using centroid-adjusted class labels. canadian applied mathematics quarterly, vol. 21, 2013, 245–259.
  • pizzi. on the role of soft computing in modelling the spread of infectious diseases. proceedings of the conference of the european society for fuzzy logic and technology, september 11–13, milan, italy, 2013, 369–375.
  • pizzi. a public health decision support system framework using approximate reasoning methods. proceedings of the joint international fuzzy systems association world congress and annual meeting of the north american fuzzy information processing society, june 24–28, edmonton, canada, 2013, 128–133.
  • pizzi. a fuzzy classifier approach to estimating software quality. information sciences, vol. 241, 2013, 1–11.
  • pizzi. soft computing and infectious disease modeling: a review and prescription. proceedings of the annual meeting of the north american fuzzy information processing society, august 6–8, berkeley, usa, 2012, 1–6.
  • pizzi. a feature reduction strategy for the analysis of voluminous biomedical patterns. in: advances in computational intelligence — communications in computer and information science, vol. 299 (greco, bouchon-meunier, coletti, fedrizzi, matarazzo, yager (eds.)), heidelberg: springer-verlag, 2012, 132–141.
  • pizzi, pedrycz. classifying high-dimensional patterns using a fuzzy logic discriminant network. advances in fuzzy systems, 2012, 920920, 7 pages.
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