A Structural Computing Approach to the Production of Multimedia Document Series

Nanard, M., Nanard, J., Chauché, J., and King, P.R

New Review of Multimedia and Hypermedia, Vol. 12, n°2, 2006, 165-19.,


The production of multimedia documents of a specified genre from indexed multimedia sources is an important research area. The area adds value to digital library resources and enables the delivery of specific multimedia documents. In this article, we explain how the principles of structural computing may be applied to the production of series of documents complying with some specific genre. The research is inspired by Markov transforms as used in natural language processing. We introduce TTL (Tree Transformation Language), a declarative XML-based formalism for the specification of structural transformation rules. We show, with the aid of a number of examples, how this formalism may be used to specify the narration, rhetoric, and argument structures which respect generic style constraints, and we show how documents are generated. The interpretation of TTL is itself specified as a set of transformation rules, which, together with the SYGMART engine, constitute the SYG-XML environment for producing target documents.


Human Computer Interaction; Hypermedia; Internet Languages; Internet & Multimedia - Computing & IT: Multimedia; Internet & Multimedia: Multimedia; New Media; Web Usability; World Wide Web; World Wide Web & Internet;

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