Rasit's Picture Dr. Rasit Eskicioglu
Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science
University of Manitoba
E2-574 Engineering and Information Technology Complex
75A Chancellor's Circle
Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V6

Phone: (204) 474-8835, Fax: (204) 474-7609


I try to update the contents of this page as much and as fast as possible, time permitting, but still it is almost always under construction...

Attention to prospective graduate students...

Do you have a degree in Computer Science that is equivalent to our Honours Degree? If not, read no further, because we only accept students with strong CS background.

My research interests are primarily in Experimental Systems. I am interested in Computer systems; Systems software; Operating systems; Distributed, cluster and grid computing; High speed network interconnects, Mobile networks, and Pervasive computing. Most recently, I am looking at wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and their applications to real world problems; Indoor localization, monitoring, and tracking; and Internet of Things (IoT). My current projects are:

Please note that I am unable to provide any financial support at this time to new graduate students. But there are several University and Faculty wide scholarships that you could apply and I will support you. (check here for the details.) However, none are guaranteed when you are admitted for a graduate program in the department.

If you are self-funded and would like to do research in one of my current areas, email me your resume, transcripts, and a short statement describing what areas or specific research problems interests you for review. Due to high volume of applications, however, I cannot respond to each and all of them individually. If I decide to support your application for admission to our department, I will write back.

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