Parallel Evolutionary/Bio-Inspired Computing for Real World Applications Lab

The focus of the parallel evolutionary/bio-inspired computing lab is:
  1. What is the real world application?
  2. What is the issue or problem in this application?
  3. Explore, design and develop innovative algorithmic optimizations to solve this problem. The lab explores evolutionary/bio-inspired techniques.
  4. Design parallel evolutionary/bio-inpired computing algorithms.
  5. Explore algorithm-architecture mappings to optimize performance of parallel and heterogeneous architectures including Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), general purpose multi-core (CPU) and graphics (GPU) processors.
  6. Implement the parallel algorithm.
  7. In-depth theoretical and practical performance analysis of the parallel algorithm.

If you are interested in parallel or evolutionary/bio-inspired computing, you must consider joining this lab.