Bryan Wodi

Bryan Wodi, B.Sc. (Co-Op)

M.Sc. Candidate, Researcher

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Email: wodi [AT] cs [DOT] umanitoba [DOT] ca
Data Mining Laboratory: E2-520 EITC, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada

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I am completing my M.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Manitoba. My interests are in the following fields:

  • Data Science (including Data Mining, Data Visualization, etc),
  • Cloud Computing,
  • DevOps,
  • Software Development, and
  • Process Optimization

Recently, I have been interested in railway transportation and its ties with Data Science in the development of approximation algorithms for predicting its impact on road traffic. The type of problems that interest me the most are those whose solutions affect the social well-being of communities.


2018 - ...    M.Sc.                   University of Manitoba   (Master of Science) [Started September 2018]

  • Thesis: Intentionally left blank
  • Field: Computer Science
  • Branch: Data Mining
  • Concentrations:  Big Data, Geofencing

2018 B.Sc. (Co-Op.)             University of Manitoba   (Bachelor of Science)

  • Major: Computer Science
  • Minors: Statistics and Economics
  • Concentrations: Software Engineering and Databases

Research Interests

At the moment, I am interested in Data Sciene and Engineering-related research topics. More specifically, I am interested in researching innovative ways of making data uniform across different entities and platforms. I believe for the world to be truly smart, data has to be very portable between entities.

Current Research

My current investigation is:

  • A Geofencing-Centred Approach to Predicting the Impact of Trains on Road Traffic in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Privacy-preserving mining of frequent patterns from big uncertain data.
Carson K. Leung, Calvin S.H. Hoi, Adam G.M. Pazdor, Bryan H. Wodi, Alfredo Cuzzocrea. Submitted.

Visual analytics of big data: visualizing popular patterns
Carson K. Leung, Bryan H. Wodi. Submitted - BIDMA 2018.

Big Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics for Music Data Mining.
Katrina E. Barkwell, Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Carson K. Leung, Ashley A. Ocran, Jennifer M. Sanderson, James Ayrton Stewart, Bryan H. Wodi. 2018 22nd International Conference Information Visualisation (IV), Fisciano, Italy, 2018, pp. 235-240. IEEE DOI: 10.1109/iV.2018.00048

An Innovative Framework for Supporting Cognitive-Based Big Data Analytics for Frequent Pattern Mining.
Deyu Deng, Carson K. Leung, Bryan H. Wodi, Jialiang Yu, Hao Zhang, Alfredo Cuzzocrea. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Computing (ICCC), San Francisco, CA, 2018, pp. 49-56. IEEE DOI: 10.1109/ICCC.2018.00014

Alternative Control for Teleoperation Robots Using A Set-and-leave Approach.
Amirhossein Hosseinmemar, Jacky Baltes, John Anderson, Meng Cheng Lau, and Henry Bryan Wodi. International Conference on Advanced Humanoid Robotics Research, Grand Epoch City, China, 2016.


An Innovative Framework for Supporting Cognitive-Based Big Data Analytics for Frequent Pattern Mining.
(July 2018), IEEE Services / IEEE ICCC 2018, Grand Hyatt San Francisco.

Conferences Attended

  • IEEE ICCC 2018 [July 5, 2018]
    • I was a speaker in the ICCC session 3, presenting a paper I co-authored.


I am a recreational traveller. I love adventures, so naturally I'm drawn to trying out new things. Here are some things I would like to achieve this year:

  • Hike Paradise at Mount Rainier
  • Spend a weekend in New York
  • Travel through one of Southeast Asia or Western Europe in the month of August
  • Read a book that's not CS related
  • Start a YouTube channel


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