Research Overview

Research Interests -- Computer networks. Design and performance evaluation of resource management strategies in computer networks and systems. Wireless networks. Computer network protocols. Performnace modeling and evaluation. Computer and network security. Distributed systems. Database management.

Grants -- My research has been sponsored by NSERC, CFI, University of Manitoba, TRLabs, and the Department of Computer Science.

Current Projects

Classical Internet
o  Intrusion Detection and its Performance Impact in Enterprise Networks
o  Over-Provisioning for Performance in Computer Networks

Wireless Networks
o  Performance and Resource Management in Cognitive Radio Networks
o  Efficient, Reliable, and Secure Communications in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Past Projects

Deadline Networks
o  Multimedia Delivery in Deadline-Based Networks
o  Deadline-Based Resource Management and Channel Scheduling

Delay Pricing
o  Fair Delay Pricing in Deadline-Based Networks
o  Price-Sensitive Application Adaptation in Deadline-Based Networks

Multiplayer Online Games
o  Fairness of Multi-Player Online Games
o  Performance of First-Person-Shooter Games in WiFi Networks

Scalable Simulations
o  Scalable Simulation for Lifetime Estimation of Large-Scale Sensor Networks

Wireless Cellular Networks
o  Resource Reservation and Call Admission Control in Wireless Cellular Networks

Other Projects
o  Archive Planning in Distributed PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems)
o  End-to-end Performance of Multi-Service Concatenation
o  Performance Measurements of Thread Packages in Support of Distributed Multimedia Applications

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