Comp 7810 - Computer Networks

COMP 7810 Computer Networks (09R.2, Jan - Apr 2009)

Project Resources

Building up your research bibliography

A good way to get into a research field is to start from a small number of papers, and make good use of them. To get this initial set of small number of papers, you can consult sources such as the course instructor, on-line search, books, magazines, conference proceedings, mailing lists, or even news stories.
Once you locate this small set of papers, to make a good use of them, do the following. For each paper in the set, find (1) the authors of the paper, (2) the papers that this paper cites, and (3) the (later) papers that cite this paper. For (1) and (2), they are easy once you have the paper. For (3), web sites like IEEE Xplore, ACM digital library, citeseer, google scholar give you such information. After you know the authors, you can look for their personal web pages to see if they provide links to the research field, and what other papers they recommend or have written. Combining this result with the (2) and (3) above, your bibliography is getting larger.
For each new paper that you find interesting, you can repeat the same process described above -- get the authors, find the citation trees, further developing your bibliography. As you read more and become more knowledgeable of the area, you can easily remember and tell what approaches have been pursued, what results have been obtained, who are interested and working in this area ... and believe or not, you will have your own idea on what interests you and what needs to be done in the field.
For reading each paper, try not just start from the first word of the first sentence of the first paragraph of the first page without having a question in mind. You read the paper because you are curious about something. You want to know how the authors addressed and handled that something. If a paper can not answer your question in mind and can not make you interested after few attempts, look for other papers.
Most, if not all, references in your "References" section of your writings should come from this bibliography.

Networking literature

You can use the following pointers to find the latest and recent conference proceedings and magazine. Many papers can be found by direct google search if you know the complete title of the paper and/or authors of the paper. Publications from IEEE and ACM sponsored conferences and magazines can be accessed online through our university library. Under E-Library. Click on "Title (A-Z)", Search for IEEE Electronic Library under letter "I", and ACM Digital Library under "A".

How to do research

Acknowledgement: Some pointers are adopted from networking pointers maintained by Dr. Z. H. Duan at Florida State University.
Yanni Ellen Liu, Last update: February 3, 2009