Yang Wang

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Manitoba

Office: E2-404 EITC, Tel: 204-474-9740, Fax: 204-474-7609
Email: y{id}@cs.umanitoba.ca (replace {id} with my lastname)

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I graduated with a Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University, where I was advised by Prof. Greg Mori. I received my M.Sc. from University of Alberta, and my B.Sc. from Harbin Institute of Technology. Before joining CS@UofM in July 2012, I worked as an NSERC postdoc fellow at UIUC with Prof. David Forsyth. My research interests lie in computer vision and machine learning. More specifically, my research interests include:

  • Object recognition, human activity recognition
  • Image/video understanding
  • Big visual data analytics
  • Multimodal media (vision, language, etc) analysis
  • Machine learning (e.g. graphical models, deep learning, transfer learning) for vision
Please refer to our recent publications for details.

Prospective students: if you are interested in joining my group, please have a look at this page.