COMP 4060/7950: Paper Presentation

"Your career will be largely determined by how well you speak, how well you write, and by the quality of your ideas, in that order"
-- remark by Patrick Winston

Graduate students in this course will be required to present a paper in this class. You should choose the paper in consultation with the instructor. In general, you should select recent papers published in top computer vision conferences (e.g. CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, NIPS). You are welcome to choose papers that are relevant to your course project. You should plan to give a talk for about 20mins and another 5mins for questions/discussions.

Similar to presenting a paper in a conference, you should be prepared to answer questions and lead discussions about the paper. However, there are important differences from a conference presentation as well. In conference presentations, the goal of the presenter is to "sell" his/her work -- you do not need to be an advocate for the paper. If you want to criticize certain weakness of the paper, feel free to do so.

IMPORTANT: COMP7950 students, please put down your name and your choice of paper here by Oct 10. The paper presentation is not required for COMP4060 students. But you are welcome to do it (although this does not count towards your grade) if you want some practice on presenting research papers.

Presentation schedule

Suggested papers

Object recognition/detection
  • B.Leibe and B.Schiele: Interleaved Object Categorization and Segmentation, BMVC 2003 [PDF] (related journal version [PDF] in IJCV) Troy
  • H. Pirsiavash, D. Ramanan: Steerable Part Models. CVPR 2012. [PDF]
  • K. Duan, D. Parikh, D. Crandall and K. Grauman: Discovering Localized Attributes for Fine-grained Recognition. CVPR 2012 [PDF]
  • J. Donahue and K. Grauman: Annotator Rationales for Visual Recognition. ICCV 2011 [PDF]
  • S. Branson, C. Wah, B. Babenko, F. Schroff, P. Welinder, P. Perona, and S. Belongie: Visual Recognition with Humans in the Loop. ECCV 2010 [PDF] Daniel
  • Tomasz Malisiewicz, Alexei A. Efros: Beyond Categories: The Visual Memex Model for Reasoning About Object Relationships. NIPS 2009 [PDF] Somayah
  • Tomasz Malisiewicz, Abhinav Gupta, Alexei A. Efros: Ensemble of Exemplar-SVMs for Object Detection and Beyond. ICCV 2011 [PDF] Sankha
    Looking at people
  • B. Yao and L. Fei-Fei: Modeling mutual context of object and human pose in human-object interaction activities. CVPR 2010 [PDF] Faisal
  • C. Desai, D. Ramanan: Detecting Actions, Poses, and Objects with Relational Phraselets. ECCV 2012 [PDF] Sayani
  • Y. Yang, S. Baker, A. Kannan, D. Ramanan: Recognizing Proxemics in Personal Photos. CVPR 2012 [PDF] Khalad
  • Kota Yamaguchi, Hadi Kiapour, Luis E. Ortiz, Tamara L. Berg: Parsing Clothing in Fashion Photographs. CVPR 2012 [PDF]
    Semantic segmentation
  • J. Shotton, J. Winn, C. Rother, A. Criminisi: TextonBoost: Joint Appearance, Shape and Context Modeling for Multi-Class Object Recognition and Segmentation. ECCV 2006 [PDF] (related journal paper in IJCV [PDF])
  • Y. Yang, S. Hallman, D. Ramanan, C. Fowlkes: Layered Object Detection for Multi-Class Segmentation. CVPR 2011 [PDF] (related journal paper in PAMI 2011 [PDF])
  • J. Tighe and S. Lazebnik: SuperParsing: Scalable Nonparametric Image Parsing with Superpixels. ECCV 2010 [PDF] (related journal paper in IJCV [PDF])
  • C.Liu: SIFT flow: dense correspondence across different scenes. ECCV 2008 [PDF] (related journal paper in PAMI [PDF]) Barrett
    Words and pictures
  • Tamara L. Berg, Alexander C. Berg, Jaety Edwards, Michael Maire, Ryan White, Yee Whye Teh, Erik Learned-Miller, David A. Forsyth: Names and faces in the news. CVPR 2004 [PDF] Suhad
  • L. Jie, B. Caputo, and V. Ferrari: Who's Doing What: Joint Modeling of Names and Verbs for Simultaneous Face and Pose Annotation. NIPS 2010 [PDF]
    RGBD (aka kinect) camera
  • Jamie Shotton, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Mat Cook, Toby Sharp, Mark Finocchio, Richard Moore, Alex Kipman, and Andrew Blake: Real-Time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from a Single Depth Image. CVPR 2011 [PDF] Debajyoti
  • Xiaofeng Ren, Liefeng Bo, and Dieter Fox: RGB-(D) Scene Labeling: Features and Algorithms. CVPR 2012 [PDF] Fan
    Egocentric vision
  • Alireza Fathi, Jessica K. Hodgins, James M. Rehg: Social Interactions: A First-Person Perspective. CVPR 2012 [PDF]
  • Y. J. Lee, J. Ghosh, and K. Grauman: Discovering Important People and Objects for Egocentric Video Summarization. CVPR 2012 [PDF] Roiy
  • A. Fathi, A. Farhadi, J. Rehg: Understanding Egocentric Activities. ICCV 2011 [PDF] Monjur
  • Evangelos Kalogerakis, Olga Vesselova, James Hays, Alexei A. Efros, Aaron Hertzmann: Image Sequence Geolocation with Human Travel Priors. ICCV 2009 [PDF]
  • T. Deselaers, B. Alexe, and V. Ferrari: Localizing Objects while Learning Their Appearance. ECCV 2010 [PDF]