COMP 4060/7950: Reading Assignments (tentative and subject to change)

Reading and reviewing papers is a critical part of being a researcher. Starting from week 9, I will assign papers to read before each class. Students are required to write a review for each assigned paper. Each review should consist of three parts:
  • One paragraph summary of what the paper is about (what is the problem being addressed, what is the approach used/developed, what is the conclusion or take-home message);
  • A discussion of what you like/don't like about the paper. What would you do differently if you were the authors;
  • Questions you have about the paper (things that you do not understand and like to be explained).
If you never review papers before (even if you do), I recommend having a look at "The Task of the Referee" by Alan Jay Smith on how to be a good reviewer.

The reviews are due by 10:00am on the specified due date. Please prepare a PDF file containing your name, student ID, email address, and your reviews (for all the papers due on that day). Then submit the PDF file to the corresponding dropbox folder in D2L. For example, reviews due on Oct 29 should be submitted to the folder "reading assignment (Oct 29)" in D2L.

Due Oct 29:

  • Y.Yang and D.Ramanan, "Articulated Pose Estimation using Flexible Mixtures of Parts", CVPR 2011 [pdf] more details
  • I. Laptev, M. MarszaƂek, C. Schmid and B. Rozenfeld, "Learning realistic human actions from movies", CVPR 2008 [pdf] more details

Due Nov 5:

  • D.Hoiem, A.Efros, M.Hebert, "Putting Objects in Perspective", CVPR 2006 [pdf] more details
  • C.Desai, D.Ramanan, C.Fowlkes, "Discriminative Models for Multi-Class Object Layout", ICCV 2011 [pdf] code

Due Nov 19:

  • P.Duygulu, K.Barnard, Freitas, D.Forsyth, "Object recognition as machine translation: Learning a lexicon for a fixed image vocabulary", ECCV 2002 [pdf]
  • A.Farhadi, M.Hejrati, A.Sadeghi, P.Young, C.Rashtchian, J.Hockenmaier, D.Forsyth, "Every Picture Tells a Story: Generating Sentences for Images", ECCV 2010 [pdf]

Due Nov 26:

  • J. Deng, A. Berg, K. Li and L. Fei-Fei, "What does classifying more than 10,000 image categories tell us?", ECCV 2010 [pdf]
  • T.Gao, D.Koller, "Discriminative Learning of Relaxed Hierarchy for Large-scale Visual Recognition ", ICCV 2011 [pdf]