Schedule (tentative and subject to change)

FP means Forsyth and Ponce book, RS means Szeliski's book (free online)
Date Topic Readings/useful links Due dates
Week 1
 Sep 7  introduction, logistics  MATLAB tutorial  
Week 2
 Sep 10  linear filters  FP 4.1; RS 3.2.1-3.2.2  
 Sep 12  texture, edge  FP 5.1-5.2, Wikipedia entry on Canny edge  
Week 3
 Sep 17  interest points, descriptors  FP 5.3-5.5; RS 4.1.1-4.1.2
Grauman/Leibe chapter on local features
Lowe's SIFT paper
Lowe's SIFT demo code
VLFeat (including SIFT implementation)
 Sep 19  fitting and registration  FP 10.1-10.4  HW1 due on Sep 21
Week 4
 Sep 24  alignment and instance recognition  FP 12.1-12.2; RS 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 6.1.1  
 Sep 26  grouping and segmentation  FP 9.3-9.5; RS 5.3-5.5  
Week 5
 Oct 1  intro to machine learning SVM Light
SVM struct (Matlab version, Python version)
 Oct 3  object recognition (bag of words) Sivic ICCV'05
Fei-Fei and Perona, CVPR05
Spatial pyramid paper
 HW2 due on Oct 5
Week 6
 Oct 8  No class (thanksgiving)      
 Oct 10  object detection (statistical templates) Dalal-Triggs CVPR05, code
Viola-Jones IJCV04
Week 7
 Oct 15  object detection (part-based) Implicit shape model
Pictorial structure
Deformable part model
 Oct 17  poselet  poselet website  HW3 due on Oct 19
Week 8
 Oct 22  image parsing, semantic segmentation TextonBoost
Layered representation
 Oct 24  midterm    
Week 9
 Oct 29  looking at people (action recognition) Efros et al ICCV'03
Laptev et al CVPR'08
Niebles et al BMVC'06
Niebles et al ECCV'10
 reading assignment
 Oct 31  looking at people (pose estimation, tracking) Yang and Ramanan CVPR'11
Ramanan et al. PAMI'07
Week 10
 Nov 5  context and 3D Desai et al. ICCV'09
Hoiem et al. CVPR'06
Hoiem et al. ICCV'05
 reading assignment
project proposal due
 Nov 7  student presentation    
Week 11
 Nov 12  No class (remembrance day)    
 Nov 14  student presentation    VW day
Week 12
 Nov 19  vision and language Duygulu et al. ECCV'02
Farhadi et al. ECCV'10
 reading assignment
 Nov 21  student presentation    
Week 13
 Nov 26  large-scale and internet vision, student presentation The unreasonable effect of data
Deng et al. ECCV'10
Gao and Koller ICCV'11
Scene completion
Infinite images
 reading assignment
 Nov 28  student presentation    
Week 14
 Dec 3  guest lecture (Dr. Amir Meghdadi):
Human-Centered Computer Vision
 Dec 5  guest lecture (Dr. Neil Bruce):
Computer vision meets perception: applications in robotics, surveillance, visual media, HCI and data mining
Dec 12: project presentation
Dec 15: project report due