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COMP 7210 - Research Methodologies

F17 Semesters

Instructor: Neil Bruce
Office: EITC E2-408
Time: MW 10:00-11:15
Location: MACHRAY 500



Sept 11: First day of class.

Blanket Honesty Declaration is here: Honesty Declaration. Please submit this as a digitally signed copy in the dropbox with your first assignment.

Presentations: Presentation Schedule. The schedule for presentations is now posted at the preceding link. Details on the requirements for presentations are found here: Presentation Requirements. Please read the requirements in detail, and be sure to attend your presentation session.








Introduction to the course, discussion of topics covered

Academic Honesty

Definitions of plagiarism, academic honesty, proper citation practices


How to benefit from LaTeX/Bibtex, formatting work, references, tips and pitfalls

Scientific Writing

Writing skills, style

Research Tools

Library skills, finding related work

Giving a research talk

Examining factors that are important for presentations

Thesis proposal

Components, structure and important components of a thesis proposal

Writing a thesis

Examining the process of writing a thesis