Last update: Jul 08 2003

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"Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance."
-- Jon Franklin

What is Lynx? Simply put, it is a fast, low-overhead, text-only means of navigating the web that is sometimes ignored by HTML authors when it doesn't have to be. In fact, methods now exist which allow Lynx with imagemaps.

The key to being Lynx Friendly is to be consciously aware of the HTML which goes into creating a web page and to ensure that those using a non-graphical browser are not ignored. This does not mean abandoning the use of images altogether. Far from it. For a page to be considered Lynx Friendly, the HTML must be non-exclusionary. That is, all visitors to a site should be able to see and/or access exactly the same information, regardless of their browser.

The Extremely Lynx web site offers an indepth source for learning more about Lynx, why it is important to support, and tips on how to support it, thereby increasing your visitors' appreciation of your own site. And isn't this what we all want?

The Lynx Friendly logo is obviously moot to those on a non-graphical browser (unless you decide to include something like

 ALT="[ This Page is Lynx Friendly! ]" 
in the IMAGE tag), but it does signify to others that your pages are not geared solely for either the Microsoft Explorer or Netscape "Enhanced" individuals. W3C recommends avoiding the use of ASCII art in the ALT tags of your images as they are not parsed well at all. For example, the old Lynx ASCII image I once used here would have been read as "comma comma caret period period caret comma comma". Not very pretty.

Brandi Weed states that she created the Lynx logo based on a MUCK character by Conrad Wong (named, appropriately enough, "Lynx") and an original drawing by Jordan Greywolf of that character. She got permission to use this rendition then added the text "This Web page is Lynx Friendly!" to complete her logo:

[ This Web Page is Lynx Friendly! ]
Feel free to use this logo, but -- as Brandi says -- "if you use the gif, it would be nice to give them credit as well."

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