Current and Past Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

I have funding available to provide financial support for one or two highly motivated and qualified graduate students interested in pursuing a MSc or PhD degree under my supervision on a thesis topic related to my research. Students interested in working with me should follow these instructions.

Current Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Sachini Rajapakse MSc student 2020-present co-supervisor Alexandre Leblanc
Mike Bremner PhD student 2020-present co-supervisor Prosenjit Bose
Anthony d'Angelo PhD student 2016-present co-supervisor Prosenjit Bose

Past Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows
Dr. Robert Fraser postdoctoral fellow 2013-2014 www
Dr. Matthew Skala postdoctoral fellow 2011-2014 www
Yeganeh Bahoo PhD student 2014-2019 www
co-supervisor Prosenjit Bose
thesis: Computational geometry algorithms for visibility problems
Debajyoti Mondal PhD student 2012-2016 www
thesis: Visualizing graphs: optimization and trade-offs
Saeed Mehrabi PhD 2012-2015 www
thesis: Geometric optimization problems on orthogonal polygons: hardness results and approximation algorithms
Hamid Hoorfar visiting PhD student 2018-2019
Md. Yeakub Hassan MSc 2018-2020
thesis: Clustering moving entities in Euclidean space
Nima Sheibani MSc 2017-2019
thesis: Finding a shortest walk along a sequence of imprecise regions in a graph
Kelly Ramsay MSc 2016-2018
co-supervisor Alexandre Leblanc
thesis: Computable, robust multivariate location using integrated univariate ranks
Sahar Mehrpour MSc 2014-2016 www
thesis: Minimizing the maximum interference in k-connected wireless networks
Anthony d'Angelo MSc 2014-2016 co-supervisor Prosenjit Bose
thesis: Low memory local geometric routing in monotone planar subdivisions
Mohammad Abdul Wahid MSc 2011-2013
thesis: Local geometric routing algorithms for edge-augmented planar graphs
Saeed Mehrabi MSc 2010-2012 www
thesis: Online problems in facility location
Debajyoti Mondal MSc 2010-2012 www
thesis: Embedding a planar graph on a given point set
Ishan Chopra ugrad research assistant 2018-2019
Timothy Zapp ugrad research assistant 2018
Garrett Suss BSc honours thesis 2017
Robby Singh ugrad research assistant 2016
Joshua Hernandez ugrad research assistant 2014
Derek Cormier ugrad research assistant 2012 co-supervisor Jim Young
Kyle Joseph ugrad research assistant 2012
Lyndon Miller ugrad research assistant 2012
Tristan Ratchford ugrad research assistant 2007 co-supervisor Martin Robillard