Jacky Baltes

  Howdy and Welcome to my homepage!

Please let me introduce myself.I am a Full Professor for Computer Science at the University of Manitoba , Winnipeg, Canada.

My interests are Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Planning, Machine Learning, and Distributed Processing.

In my spare time, I am trying to learn Mandarin chinese. I enjoy many types of sports, including volleyball, basketball, aikido, tennis, badminton, soccer, and ice hockey. I also enjoy flying.

Contact Information

Electronic mail address: jacky@cs.umanitoba.ca
Web address: http://www.cs.umanitoba.ca/~jacky
Office phone: +1 (204) 474-8838
Office Fax: +1 (204) 474-7609

Mailing address:
Office E2-402 Engineering Information Technology Complex (EITC)
Department of Computer Science
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba



Table of Content

  1. News and Other Information

  2. Slide Shows of Robotic Games and Events

  3. Teaching Related Material

  4. Research Related Material

  5. Research Publications

  6. Robotics Competitions

Research Related Material

I am interested in problems of robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. For some more information about my students and I, visit our lab server avocet . We also have a Facebook group for the publications .

Robotics Competitions

As part of my research, I have participated in a number of competitions for autonomous robots. The following links are pointers to information relevant to these competitions.

Teaching Related Material

This section includes information for the courses that I am teaching as well as other teaching related material.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  2. Real-Time Systems

  3. Intelligent Mobile Robotics

  4. Advanced Artificial Intelligence

  5. Machine Learning

  6. Local Vision Mobile Robotics

  7. Mobile Robotics (Graduate Course)

  8. Humanoid Robotics (Graduate Course)

  9. Real-Time Embedded Systems (Graduate Course, Fundamentals)

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