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SPAS stands for Stratified Population Analysis System. It is a computer system for the analysis of 2-sample mark-recovery experiments to estimate the number of animals in populations where the marks and recoveries take place over a number of strata. Strata may be defined in time or in space or both, and the s strata in which marking takes place may differ from the t strata in which recoveries take place. SPAS is currently in use to estimate the run size of salmon in B.C. rivers using tag and recovery programs stratified by days.

A second release of SPAS (version 1.2) was made available on this site on August 30, 1996. This version improves the display and pooling capabilities. The changes are described in the "Updates" section of this site (see the menu to the left of here). A minor revision (Version 1.2a, October 31, 1996) fixes some problems encountered by NT users and reduces the number of (.DLL) files needed by all users.

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