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  • Homecoming 2015

    We had a great alumni turnout, with over 80 graduates from 1980 until present. Stay tuned for photos.

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  • Congratulations Dr. Andrea Bunt

    Andrea Bunt received an NSERC Accelerator Supplement , amounting to an additional $120,000 over three years in addition to the regular discovery grant. 

  • U of M team wins international robotics competition

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  • Seminar: Jonathan Boisvert Thesis Defense

    When: March 03, 2016 @ 12:30pm
    Where: EITC E2-528

    In seminal contributions to the study of human gaze behaviour, Yarbus examined the characteristic scanpaths that result when an image is viewed, and how these vary depending on the question posed to the observer. Yarbus posited that these scanpaths are sufficiently characteristic that an observer's task might be inferred from observing their gaze patterns. Modern methods in image and data analysis have allowed this hypothesis to be considered directly, in attempting to predict an observers task from their scanpaths. While early efforts of this nature were equivocal, is has since been established that aspects of an observers state of mind or their assigned task may be inferred from observing their gaze.


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  • Seminar: Dr. Katsuhisa Yamanaka

    When: March 08, 2016 @ 1:00pm
    Where: TBA

    Dr. Katsuhisa Yamanaka
    Iwate University

    Title: Token Swapping Game on Graphs - A Generalization of Japanese Lottery "Amidakuji"

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