South Twin Sister - June 2004
Dan and Reid enjoy the view shortly after gaining the ridge. Trip Summary
The Twin Sisters are two neighbouring peaks 15 km southwest of Mt. Baker visible from the southern Coast Range and the northern Cascades. Both are known for fabulous scrambling along their western ridges. In November 2003, four of us scrambled up the West Ridge of North Twin Sister. This time on June 19 we were three, my brother Dan, Reid, and I, on the West Ridge of the South Twin Sister. The South Twin Sister is slightly higher in elevation (2113m) than the North Twin Sister (2024m); its West ridge is somewhat longer and makes for a fuller day.

See Dan's photos and Reid's photos.

Again we took Matt Gunn's route description for his upcoming scrambles guidebook. The description was great and I strongly recommend this guidebook! We left Vancouver at 5:00 am. We were riding our bikes by 7:30 am up the logging road to its end. After hiking through forest and talus we reached a snow couloir that looked good and allowed us to kick steps up to join the ridge. From there it was a very enjoyable 3rd-class scramble along the ridge. Before the final summit the ridge steepens and we moved right onto the snow to cross over to easier scrambling terrain. We reached the summit at 2:30 pm. After an enjoyable descent and a super-fun rip down the logging road on the bikes we were back at the car at 7:30 pm (followed by pizza and root beer at the South Fork restaurant).

Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia. Matt Gunn. Cairn Publishing. 2005.

Dan on the summit
We prepare for a quick boot ski down the snow couloir from the ridge crest. The West Ridge of the South Twin Sister follows the right horizon line.

This panorama consists of fourteen images that were automatically stitched into this panoramic image using an alpha version of Matt Brown's AutoStitch software.
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