E-mail: pgraham AT cs DOT umanitoba DOT ca

Dr. Peter C.J. Graham, Associate Professor

Parallel & Distributed Systems Lab and Advanced Network Research Lab
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3T 2N2
Phone: (204)474-8837     Fax: (204) 474-7609
Office:  572 E2-EITC , Fort Garry Campus
PGP key: http://www.cs.umanitoba.ca/~pgraham/pgp_key

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My Current Schedule

This term I am teaching COMP3370 (Computer Organization) from 11:30 to 12:45 on Tuesday/Thursday in E2-EITC-105 and COMP4300 (Computer Networks) from 1:30 to 2:20 on Monday/Wednesday/Friday in E2-EITC-165. If you are enrolled in either or both of these courses, you can get access to the course materials via UM Learn.

General Research Interests

Recent Research Publications

My publications list is, I am afraid, rather out of date. I will update it when time permits. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail for more recent papers.
   The documents contained in these directories are included by the contributing
   authors as a means to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical
   work on a non-commercial basis. Copyright and all rights therein are maintained
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   offered their works here electronically. It is understood that all persons
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   permission of the copyright holder.

Peter Graham and Rajendra Singh, "A Mechanism for the Dynamic Construction of Clusters Using Active Networks", in Proceedings of the ICPP Workshop on Scheduling and Resource Management for Cluster Computing, Valencia, Spain, September 2001

Arne Grimstrup and Peter Graham, "Minimizing Consistency Traffic in a Versioned Object Transactional DSM", in Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing, Techniques, and Applications (PDPTA'01), Las Vegas, NV, June 2001.

Peter Graham, Scott Walkty, Randal Peters, and Ken Barker, "Optimized Wireless Web Browsing Using Mobile Agents" , in Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing, Techniques, and Applications (PDPTA'01), Las Vegas, NV, June 2001.

Peter Graham, "A DSM Cluster Architecture Supporting Aggressive Computation in Active Networks", Proceedings of the CCGRID'2001 (Workshop on Distributed Shared Memory on Clusters), pp. 547-554, Brisbane, Australia, May 2001.

Rasit Eskicioglu, Muthucumaru Maheswaran, and Peter Graham, "Hierarchical Container Based Grid Resource Management" , poster presentation at CCGRID'2001, Brisbane, Australia, May 2001.

Peter Graham and Yahong Sui, "LOTEC: A Simple DSM Consistency Protocol for Nested Persistent Object Transactions" in Proceedings of the 18th ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC), Atlanta, Georgia, May, 1999, pp. 153-162.

Mohammad Farook and Peter Graham, "Managing Long Linked Lists Using Lock Free Techniques", Chapter 37 in High Performance Computing Systems and Applications, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 407-422, October, 1998.

Hamish A. Carr and Peter C.J. Graham, "An Assessment of the Greedy Pre-Fetch Strategy of Luk & Mowry on Real Hardware", Technical Report TR98-06, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Manitoba, September, 1998.

Randal Peters, Peter Graham, and Ken Barker, "A Shared Environment to support Multiple Advanced Application Systems", Proceedings of the Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS'97), Atlanta, Georgia, December 1997.

Joel Themmen and Peter C.J. Graham, "A Flexible Object Oriented Simulator for Wormhole Switched Inter-Processor Connection Networks", Technical Report TR97-06, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Manitoba, October, 1997.

Peter Graham, Ken Barker, and Ahmad Reza-Hadaegh, "Disconnected Objects: Reconciliation in a Nested Object Transaction Environment", Proceedings of the ECOOP'96 Workshop on Mobility and Replication (WMR'96), Linz, Austria, July 1996. Published by Dpunkt Verlag in "Special Issues in Object Oriented Programming", pp. 379-383. (the Workshop Reader for ECOOP'96)

John Mathew, Peter Graham, and Ken Barker, "Object Directory Design for a Fully Distributed Persistent Object System", Proceedings of the Object Oriented Database Systems Symposium of the Engineering Systems Design and Analysis Conference (ESDA'96), Montpellier, France, July 1996.

Ken Barker, Randal J. Peters, and Peter C.J. Graham, "Distributed Shared Virtual Memory for  Interoperability of Heterogeneous Information Systems" (Extended Abstract), OOPSLA'95 Workshop on Object Interoperability, Austin, Texas, USA, October 1995.

P.C.J. Graham and K.E. Barker, " Improved Scheduling in Object Bases Using Statically Derived Information", The International Journal of Microcomputer Applications (IJMA), Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. 114-122, 1995.

K. Barker, P. Graham, R. Peters, and M. Zapp, "Distributed Shared Virtual Memory for the Distributed Management of Persistent Objects", Technical Report TR95-11, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Manitoba, September, 1995.

J. Mathew, P.C.J. Graham, and K.E. Barker, "Object Directory Design Issues for a Distributed Shared Virtual Memory System Supporting Persistent Objects", Technical Report TR95-04, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Manitoba, July, 1995.

Peter C. J. Graham, "Applications of Static Analysis to Concurrency Control and Recovery in Objectbase Systems", Ph.D. dissertation, University of Manitoba, October, 1994.

P.C.J. Graham and K.E. Barker, "Effective Optimistic Concurrency Control in Multiversion Object Bases", Proceedings of the International Symposium on Object Oriented Methodologies and Systems (ISOOMS), Palermo, Italy, September 1994. In Springer-Verlag LNCS-858, pp. 313-328.

P.C.J. Graham and K.E. Barker, " Enhancing Intra-Transaction Concurrency in Object Bases", Journal of Computing and Information (JCI), Vol.1, No. 1, pp. 795-811, May 1994.

A. Reza-Hadaegh, P.C.J. Graham, and K.E. Barker, "An Architecture and Model for Processing Transactions in Multiversion Object Base Systems", Proceedings of the 2nd Mid-Continent Information and Database Systems Conference (MIDAS'94), Fargo, USA, May 1994, pp. 99-112.

P.C.J. Graham and K.E. Barker. "Service Migration to Improve Load Balancing in Distributed Systems", Technical Report TR94-04, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Manitoba, April, 1994.

P.C.J. Graham and K.E. Barker, "Distributed Object Base Implementation Using a Single, Shared Address Space", Proc. the Mid-Continent Information Systems Conference, Fargo, USA, May 93, 62-77.

Current Teaching

May-Aug, 2015

  • I am not teaching.
  • Sep-Dec, 2015

  • COMP3370 Computer Organization
  • COMP4300 Computer Networks
  • Jan-Apr, 2016

  • COMP3010 Distributed Computing
  • Other Courses I have Taught


  • Introductory Computer Science (now COMP1010/1020)
  • Discrete Structures and Programming (now COMP2140/2150)
  • Digital Logic (now COMP3090)
  • COMP3010 Distributed Computing
  • COMP3290 Introduction to Compiler Construction
  • COMP3370 Computer Organization
  • COMP3380 Database Concepts and Usage
  • COMP3430 Operating Systems
  • COMP3720 Computer Networks I
  • COMP4290 Compiler Construction 2
  • COMP4380 Database Implementation
  • COMP4510 Introduction to Parallel Computation
  • Graduate

  • COMP7820 Advances in Computer Architecture
  • COMP7840 Operating System Design and Implementation
  • COMP7850 Advances in Parallel Computing
  • COMP7870 Advanced Programming Language Design, Translation, and Implementation


    Student Supervision

    Supervision Opportunities

           I currently have no openings for research students.

    Current Graduate Students

    Pranith Reddy Kadaru MSc Dynamic Construction of Peer to Peer Grids
    Behzad Sajed Khosrowshahi MSc Component Placement and Location in a Dynamic Composition System
    Hossein Pourreza PhD Fully Automated Service Compostion
    Mahfuz Rahman MSc QoS Aware Service Compostion
    Mohammad Shorfuzzaman PhD Not yet selected (co-supervised with Rasit Eskicioglu)
    Rajendra Singh PhD Efficient Checkpoint and Migration in Grids
    Habiba Zaman MSc Intelligent Service Management in Wide-Area Networks

    Former Graduate Students

    Channa Reddy Basani MSc Multicasting in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
    Jun Chen MSc Algorithms for Pre-fetching Persistent Objects
    Qing Chen MSc Partial Evaluation to Minimize Invocation Serialization in Multithreaded Architectures
    Mohammad Farook MSc Efficient, Fine-Granularity Lock-Free Linked Lists
    Arne Grimstrup  MSc  An Efficient Consistency Protocol for a DSD-based Persistent Object System
    Jong Ho Kim MSc Lock-Free Deletion in Red-Black Trees (co-supervised with Helen Cameron)
    Zimpi Helen Komo MSc Mining Fuzzy Association Rules on Large Numerical Data (co-supervised with John Anderson)
    Lei Liang MSc Mobile Agent based Routing in Ad-Hoc Mobile Networks
    Yibing Liu MSc Efficient Handoff and Base Station Load Balancing for Mobile Computing using Agents
    Jianwen Ma MSc Lock Free Insertion in Red-Black trees (co-supervised with Helen Cameron)
    Anindya Maiti MSc PVM Parallelisation of a Fluid Flow Problem for Air Foil Design
    John Mathew MSc Distributed Object Management in a DSM based POS
    Vishnu Narayanasami MSc A User-Level System for Data Staging on High Performance Computers
    Purnachander Reddy Parupally MSc Option Framework for Grid Resource Management
    Ian Scatliff MSc A Wireless Stateful Power-Aware Pre-fetch Scheme for Mobile Computers
    Lan Guo Scott  MSc  An FFS-Based Object Store Supporting Class Fragmentation
    Mohammad Shorfuzzaman MSc In-Network Adaptation of Media Streams (co-supervised with Rasit Eskicioglu)
    Rajendra Singh MSc The Dynamic Construction of Clusters from Idle Workstations Using Active Networks
    Yahong Sui MSc Lazy Object Transactional Entry Consistency (LOTEC)
    Afroza Sultana MSc Lock-Free Operations on B-link Trees (co-supervised with Helen Cameron)
    Joel Themmen MSc Low Latency IPC in Networks of Heterogenous Workstations Using Active Messages
    Xinliang Zhou MSc Supporting Collaborative Applications using Dynamically Adaptive Multicast Trees (co-supervised with Rasit Eskicioglu)

    Former Undergraduate Research Students

    Cam Macdonell Compiler Assisted Prefetching and Cluster Management Tools
    Nina Thiessen Cluster Performance Analysis and Parallelisation of a Multi-Precise Sparse Matrix Problem 

    Former Undergraduate Honours Project Students

    Joel Themmen An Extendable, Object Oriented Wormhole Network Simulator
    Sara Arenson Parallelisation of a Chemistry-based Air-Pollution Model
    Roger Green Class Specific Compression in Distributed Persistent Object Systems
    Steven Brooks A Cluster-based Parallel Ray Tracer
    Hamish Carr An Empirical Assessment of the Greedy Pre-fetch Algorithm of Luk and Mowry
    Diana Stewart Parallelisation of a Combinatorial Optimization Problem
    Group Project Optimized Mobile Web Browsing Using Mobile Agents

    Professional Activities


  • Professional Member of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)
  • Senior Member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and IEEE Computer Society
  • Member of the USENIX Association
  • Conferences, Symposia and Workshop Organization

  • Program co-Chair, International Symposium on High Performance Computing Systsems (HPCS'04)
  • Co-chair, International Conference on Internet Computing (IC'00 and IC'01) with Muthucumaru Maheswaran, Manitoba
  • Co-chair, International Workshop on Cluster Infrastructure for Server and e-Commerce Applications (CISCA'01) with Hai Jin, UCLA
  • Co-chair, International Java HPC Workshop (Java-HPC'99 through Java-HPC'06)
  • Program Committee Member, International Working Conference on Active and Programmable Nets (IWAN'06)
  • Program Committee Member, IEEE Workshop on Pervasive Computing and Ad Hoc Communications (PCAC'06)
  • Program Committee member, The 20th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA'06)
  • Program Committee Member, International Conference on Web Technologies, Applications and Services (WTAS 2006)
  • Program Committee Member, International Conference on Communication in Computation (CIC'00 through CIC'06)
  • Special Session Chair, International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing, Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'99)
  • Program Committee Member, International Symposium on High Performance Computing Systems (HPCS'98,'04-'06)
  • Local Arrangements Chair, International Conference on Computing and Information (ICCI'98)
  • Program Chair, International Symposium on High Performance Computing Systsems (HPCS'97)
  • Refereeing - Conferences, Symposia and Workshops

  • International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC'05)
  • The 4th International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO-4)
  • International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CC-GRID'01)
  • International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS'01)
  • International Conference on Communications in Computation (CIC'00 through CIC'05)
  • International Conference on Internet Computing (IC'00 and IC'01)
  • Heterogenous Computing Workshop (HCW'00)
  • International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD'99)
  • International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing, Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'99)
  • International Conference on Computing and Information (ICCI'98)
  • IBM Centre for Advanced Studies Conference (CASCON'98)
  • International Databases Engineerings Applications Symposium (IDEAS'97 and IDEAS'98)
  • International Symposium on High Performance Computing Systems (HPCS'97- '98,'04-'05)
  • International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems (PDCS'97)
  • International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM'97)
  • International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS'96)
  • Refereeing - Journals

  • Computer Networks Journal, Elsevier
  • Distributed and Parallel Databases Journal, Kluwer Academic
  • Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE
  • Theory and Practice of Object Systems, Wiley Inter-Science
  • The Journal of Supercomputing, Kluwer Academic
  • Refereeing - Grant Applications

  • NSERC Research Grants Program
  • NSERC Industrial Research Program
  • University of Manitoba Research Grants Program

  • Service

    Committee Work

  • Member WestGrid Senior Planning Committee
  • Chair WestGrid User Needs Committee
  • NSERC Grant Selection Committee 330 (2003-2005), chair 2005
  • C3.ca board member (2005-2007)
  • University Research Grants Committee (1998)
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies Composite Awards Committee (2003-)
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies Awards Committee (1999-2003)
  • Faculty of Science Awards Committee (2000-present)
  • Faculty of Science Computer Needs Committee (1997-1999)
  • Faculty of Science Promotion Committee (2000)
  • Dept. of Computer Science Graduate Studies Committee (2000-present)
  • Dept. of Computer Science Headship Review Committee (2000)
  • Dept. of Computer Science Hiring Committee (1998-1999)
  • Dept. of Computer Science Curriculum Review Committee (1992)
  • Dept. of Computer Science Computer Needs Committee (on-going)
  • many ad-hoc committees in the Dept. of Computer Science
  • Consulting to Industry

  • LOCUS Computing, Los Angeles, CA (code review and assessment: international insurance company)
  • CIER, Winnipeg (network design and setup: federal government procurement system)
  • Other

  • I have served as a thesis examiner at the MSc level on dozens of theses (in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering and for the Natural Resources Institute) as well as on three PhD Candidacy committees.



    Agency and Program Title Amount Year(s) Co-investigators
    NSERC Discovery Grant Dynamic Application Composition for
    Distributed Systems
    $23,000/yr 2007-2012 none
    NSERC Research Tools and Instruments Grant Parallel Computer Electromagnetic Transient
    Simulator for Power Systems Engineering
    $112,435 2006 Ani Gole (PI) and Shaahin Filizadeh
    Sun Microsystems Inc.
    (Academic Equipment Grant)
    The Benefits of Exposing the Computational
    Hierarchy to Parallel Programmers (from
    to Clusters)
    $29,000 2006 none
    IBM Faculty Award
    (Eclipse Innovation Grant)
    MPI Tool Plugins for Eclipse $29,000 2005 none
    C3.ca TASP Grant Support for High Performance Computing
    Research at the University of Manitoba
    $27,000/yr 2002-2004 none
    NSERC MFA Grant Sharing High Performance Computing Resources
    - The C3 Grid
    $600,000/yr 2002-2003 Pollard(PI) and 23 others
    NSERC Research Grant Integrating Computation and Communication
    for Large Scale Distributed Systems
    $22,000/yr 2001-2006 none
    NSERC Equipment Grant High Performance Cluster Switch $24,000 2000 Toulouse, Eskicioglu, Cuhadar
    NSERC Research Grant Persistent Objects in Distributed Shared Memory $17,000 1997-2000 none
    CFI New Opportunities Fund Active Network Monitoring & Management of QoS
    for Next Generation Internet
    $269,573 1999 Maheswaran (PI), Barker, Peters
    Manitoba Cable TV Association Internet-based Telemedicine $100,000 1999 McLeod (PI), Kinsner, Cuhadar, Barker, Peters
    University of Manitoba Research
    Development Fund
    Prototype Beowulf System $11,407 1999 Giesbrecht
    University of Manitoba Program
    Development Fund
    Industrial Research in Hardware/Software Interaction $9,000 1999 Giesbrecht, McLeod,Blight 
    USENIX Association Heterogeneous Active Messages in Networks of Workstations $12,825 1998 none
    University of Manitoba Small
    Research Grants Program
    Development of Techniques for Parallelization
    Across Subroutine Calls in VLIW Parallel Machines
    $4,562 1997 none
    University of Manitoba Startup Grant N/A $15,000 1996 none
    University of Manitoba Small
    Research Grants Program
    Investigation of Dynamically Adaptive Routing in
    Wormhole Switched Networks Using Information
    about Recent Messaging Behaviour
    $4,000 1996 none